Banff Life Days
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Banff Life Days

I love working with Banff Life.  It is an inspiring and beneficial program for the community and I always feel honored to be a part of it.  This past weekend I got to teach a two day ice intro followed by a multipitch climb on Louise Falls. Two days of cragging at the Junkyards and Haffner had everyone going home dragging their arms but dreaming of one stick swings.  I was amazed with the tenacity of some of these new climbers and the hardiness, as Jenna stuck with the day after popping a tool on her face.  Ouch.

Yesterday Kris, Christine, Caz, Claire and I had the pleasure and challenge of climbing Louise Falls.  This is one of my favorite crews to get out with.  Last year we had climbed Guinness, Professors and Moonlight and we knew that Louise would be a bit of a challenge for a first multipitch this year, but we also felt confident that we could do it! A social day had 12 of us waiting behind the pillar staring out at the Chateau and the large snow designs at the base of the route. The pillar challenged some of the group, but this is when climbing gives us more then just a physical push.  In the moment, suspended 200 feet above the ground, creeping around the edge of a huge standing pillar, balanced on the metal edges of the tips of ones crampons and ice picks…the only focus can be on the moment…and the belief that you yourself can do it.  Way to go Claire, Caz and Christine!  Thanks for a great day out:)

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