Snivelling Gully
4th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Snivelling Gully

Kinga, Lisa, Mary Ann and Michele braved the yet again chilly temps this Monday and Tuesday for a skill building day at the Junkyards and then an ascent of Snivelling Gully at the weeping wall. For a first timer to ice climbing, I really felt for Kinga and Lisa on Monday.  -30 temps had us talking more about how to stay warm then how to ice climb!  Everyone did amazing though, and we put in a full day followed by an incredible meal at the Trough!! Thanks ladies…that was sooooo good!

The next day was again forecasted to be “nordic”…so Lilla brilliantly suggested heading to the sunny Weeping Wall.  With burly morning temps again, we drove out and waited for the sun to brighten our day.  Getting suited up in the cars, we stepped out to a glorious sunny day that had us “almost” complaining that we were too hot while climbing!!

For Kinga and Lisa, this was their first ice multipitch and what a place to do it!  Everyone enjoyed the sunny day, the social climb and the challenges and one stick swings it offered us. Hoots of glee and grunts from tool swinging fulled our gully right up until 4 o clock when we arrived back safe at the base to watch the sun leave our climb and the ravens fly away with bits and pieces of Lilla’s bag….

Thanks for a great two days ladies!  Can’t wait to get out on the rock with you again this summer!!!

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