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Snowline and Bear Spirit with Maria and Neil
22nd Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Brrr….another -30 morning, and we were up and out the door at 6:30am.  It was a Saturday and we knew that despite the temps, the crowds would still gather at Evan Thomas!  The day before we hiked in to Bear Spirit and climbed some laps on the beautiful ice curtain and got pumped on the mixed routes.

Today we had our sights on Snowline.  As we arrived in the parking lot, there were 2 cars.  Bummed….However, I thought I might as well ask them where they were all going and it turned out to only be one party in 2 different cars!  Psyched!  We trotted down the trail in an attempt to get warm and arrived at the climbs to find ourselves the only ones there! Weird…not sure where the other group went?

As we started to shove hotpacks near every limb and digit, the sun started to creep up and gave us the hope and glory that our early start deserved!  Snowline was in excellent shape and Maria and Neil cruised up it in record speed.  The sun was incredibly uplifting and sure enough 2 other parties had joined us not long after we started up. This was Maria’s first ice multiptich and both her and Neil climbed it with ease and smiles.  Hard not to be smiling when we got to climb in the sun and hike out in the sun…AND look forward to a turtle bar from the Bagel Co waiting for us in the car!  Thanks Neil and Maria for 2 fun days!  Looking forward to more adventures:)