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Rock Ruckus
30th Jun 2011Posted in: Blog 0

On June 19-22, Kinga, Dave and Mary Ann come out to Canmore to climb with Lilla and I.  We weren’t entirely sure what we would get up to with the weather forecast but we knew we were certainly going to TRY!

Day one found us at Lake Louise, due to rain…and atleast there, you can pretty much always climb even when the weather isn’t optimal.  Despite the cooler temps and intermittent showers, the group got a bunch of pitches in and rediscovered their sticky rubber and finger tips!Day two we decided to brave the elements on a local multiptich.  Mary Ann, Dave and I on Geratric, and Lilla and Kinga on True Grit.  Climbing next to each other all day made the climb social…

Great climbing, a social day, amazing views…and a few rain showers but we were all smiles!

The next day the crew headed over to Yamnuska.  A local favorite multipitch area that hosts a ton of climbs for all ability levels. Kinga and I headed over to Pony Express on the West End while Lilla, Dave and Mary Ann went for the classic Grillmairs Chimney!

The final day, with sore fingers and tired legs we strolled over to Kid Goat and Kinga Dave and I climbed Gray Waves while Mary Ann and Lilla did Twilight Zone.  Despite it being a Tuesday, this very popular area soon had almost 10 parties climbing on various parts of it!  Lucky for us we started early, but unlucky for us we hoped to rappel down and didn’t bring up our hiking shoes….hmm, I will reconsider that choice next time!

After our multipitch climb we finished the day off at Zygote, a small crag below Kid Goat where Mary Ann and Dave did their first ever rock leads!!  Wahoo…what a way to end the week!!

Thanks guys for a great 4 days and a fun dinner at the Quarry.  Already looking forward to the Ice Ruckus:)

Maria and Mike Econoline/Geriatric/True Grit combo!
23rd Jun 2011Posted in: Blog 0

After some back and forth trying to decide which way the weather man was going to spin his wheel, Maria, Mike and I headed up to the East End of Rundle on June 5th for what ended up being a spectacular day of sun, stunning views, good company and great climbing!

This combo of routes is one of my favorites in the Bow Valley.  A relatively short approach, 7 pitches of varied climbing up to 5.10, good rock and great views into the Spray Lakes as well as Canmore.

Of course Maria and Mike cruised the route and we enjoyed the sun and views at the top with some lunch and sprawled out relaxation! I also ran into a friend on route from the Czech who I met a couple years ago at the International Climbers meet in Indian Creek!  Small world!!

A fabulous day ended with a burger and beer on the Drake deck….now THIS feels like summer!:) Thanks Maria and Mike!