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Womens Ice and Mixed Intro
17th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 1

What a great weekend with some incredibly talented and motivated women!  BIG thanks to Outdoor Research that supplied every woman with a Radiant Long Sleeve Zip layer to keep us warm!!We started out on Saturday at the Junkyards in -25 temps.  After much discussion on how to stay warm we learned the basics of ice climbing and started up some ropes.  Strangely the day got warmer and warmer and before we new it we were shedding layers and enjoying some super mild temps! Thanks to a good crew at the Junkyards we were able to climb anywhere we wanted and enjoyed getting some mileage in.  Everyone picked up the skills very quickly and I was already looking forward to taking this crew to an area that offered more challenge for the next day!

The next day we wanted to head to Haffner but due to the crazy storm we had here in Alberta, the Highway 93 had been shut down due to a large avalanche.  We decided to head into grotto canyon so that we could get our “mix” on!  At first view, the climbs all looked pretty challenging for someones second day ice climbing.  As more people came in, we all shared ropes again and these ladies ended up getting after it!!  With 3 mixed lines, and 4 steep ice lines, everyone left dragging their poor arms to the pub and barely lifting there well deserved mugs to their mouths:) Thanks for an amazing weekend!  Hope to see you all out int he mountains again soon!!