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Dream On – the long way around
8th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Big plans to drive into the Waiporous and scout out some routes for my upcoming clients resulted in a rather lengthy driving day!  Mark Cosslett and I had hopes of climbing either Hydro, Caroline or Marion, and after suiting the vehicle with chains and eating through the lunches we had packed for the day, we drove back out of the untracked land of the Waiporous with tails between our legs.  Ok, admittedly, it was I who was too timid for the 4 by 4ing that we would have had to do, and the very good chance of spending the day digging ourselves out.  We had a back up plan, to go to Ya Ha Tinda in the dry ranges, and so after a total of 5 hours of driving we found ourselves tailing another vehicle to the parking lot!  Ah, the joys of ice climbing in a winter with high avi hazard… Alas we parked to the smiles of my comrades and mentors James Blench and Tim Auger.  These guys have put up more routes then I have probably climbed in the area, so I have a ton of respect for them! I’ve also always really enjoyed their company through work and play.  Of course at 11:30 facing a 5km walk to one particular climb and another 2.5 hour drive home, the initial greetings felt less then welcoming!  It all worked out in the end though and we were easily able to climb two separate lines up the wet and easy grade 4.  The area is really beautiful, the hike in, flat and easy, and the climb, a fun little 2 pitch grade 4 with potential for more pitches above and beside it.  All in all a good day out despite the poor ratio of driving to climbing 7.5hrs driving/ 2 hours hiking/ 1 hr climbing:)