Tokkumn Pole
10th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Tokkumn Pole

Our last day and we weren’t going to get scooped on our objective…Tokkumn Pole in Marble Canyon.  This climb is the Bow Valleys Ouray…our own little slot canyon graced with one beautiful, intimidating and magnificent pillar of ice. There are other mixed routes in the canyon, but Tokkumn is the most popular of the routes to do and accessible by a short hike and a rappel into the canyon.  I was here earlier this year with my friend Pat and Paul Bride an amazing photographer who took this shot…since I didn’t get any good ones of the guys while belaying…

Both Ken and Tim gave the Tokkumn a good run for its money and enjoyed (mostly) swinging their tools for the final time until next February rolls around again. Impressive tenacity on their part after the long day we had yesterday.  I must say I wasn’t too bothered to be the “belayer”! A parting shot of the ankle biting hand rails on the hike in….till next year guys…looking forward to the future 80 climb ticklist:)

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