Burning 707 calories per hour….
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Burning 707 calories per hour….

Did you know that you could burn 707 calories per hour by going rock climbing?? I didn’t but supposedly I did and might have even endorsed this statement….

Might be hard to read here…but I was honored with being interviewed by Self Magazine on an article about trying new things that you have always wanted to try.  I was the rock climbing expert… I thought this was a super cool opportunity, and I am still thankful for it, but not being an avid magazine shopper, especially for ‘womens”, “appearance” based magazines…I, and others I have shown it to,  found some of the commentary entertaining!

First of all…I never knew that I could “torch a pound in one afternoon”…although I have felt that I was burning some serious calories alpine climbing, I had no idea that my 12 hour days were leading towards some serious weight loss!!  Wow…cool…I should be well into the negatives by some point in July!

Two…did you know…that a more experienced climber will “man the ropes”?  This is further emphasized in the photo.   Clearly, despite the woman specific magazine and target market, we should seek help from a more experienced male before embarking on this new experience. A cute one though…and one that can direct really well by pointing!

Thirdly and lastly, then I promise I will stop, or you won’t believe my prior statement of thankfulness…but is it just me or does that climb look nearly impossible after the move she is on.  Maybe the cute boy guide though is directing her to the crucial next hold…hmmm.

Well…if it gets people out climbing for the first time then great!…even if they do direct them to the AMGA (American Mountain Guide Association..doh) website at the bottom of the page….:)

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