Ghost with Michele
26th Aug 2011Posted in: Blog, Private Rock 0
Ghost with Michele

Ghost Wilderness Area multipitch rock

A couple weeks ago I spent the week working in the Ghost.  The original plan was to head to the Bugs, but instead we opted for a week in the ghost and couldn’t have been happier!  Camping, and climbing in this area is one of the most serene places to avoid the crowds.  Climbing classic routes with never a soul in sight…pretty awesome!

Michele on Consolation 5.9 Ghost

We arrived on Monday, after a long bumpy drive and a whole lot of rain.  We set up tents and hunkered down a bit and by 3 the rain stopped and we headed to Silver Tongue Devil.  Lucky for us limestone dries quickly, and we had no where to get back to…so we stayed till dark and climbed a bunch of pitches…making sure to hold each sticky hold like it was a snow globe.   Five days is a long time for fresh fingertips!

The next few days, we climbed Bonanza a classic sandbag 5.8, Consolation 5.9….a bit of the Wraith, and a few more climbs on the Silver Tongues Devil Wall.  All in all a great trip.  Thanks Michele…the list just keeps growing!

Bonanza 5.8 Ghost

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