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Okay…admittedly the crew was harassing Wex yesterday about blogging about the Grassi session, so I figured I would instead! Maybe climbing at the Meathooks wall is really not so “noteworthy”.  However, during a forecast of:

I was AMAZED to run into other people at Grassi today!  Despite being tempted by texts of climbing gym workouts, Greg and I had 2 hours before he had to be at work.  We quickly gathered the necessary items and made the quick drive and hike to Grassi. For a quick pump, the Meathooks wall can’t be beat. Get in a quick 6-8 laps on these 11a-12a routes and you have yourself some good popeye forearms:) We were not the only ones to think this way apparently!  Rob, Wex, Jason, Hayden and 3 other folks all had the same idea.

And yes….I must be a little bored in this weather to be blogging about this….

Anyone for a grassi session today:)??


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  1. Linda says:

    Sorry to hear that the weather there has been equally challenging to the weather here. I don’t think I have the skills to do those climbs but it is fun to think about. I hope the sun rays come out soon!

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