Tower of Babel with Allan, Ev, Char and Les
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Tower of Babel with Allan, Ev, Char and Les

The original plan was to do the Perren route on Mt Whyte…but after a bit of discussion, and a bit of recollection on my part…we opted for the much more enjoyable and secure rock of the Tower of Babel! The plan was that the women climb as a rope team and the guys follow behind leading their own rope team.  Traveling in this team of 5 definitely does work better with less choss!

We arrived in the parking lot just behind another guided party.  Great to see Matt Peters again and spend a few enjoyable and social belays with Stefan, his guest.  There are a few starts to the Tower, and now that it is in Kevin Mclanes Select book, it has become quite a popular route.  Not only did we follow a team of 2, but our party of 5 was followed by a team of 3, then a team of 2, a soloist and I think another team of 3 and another team of 2.  Pretty good showing even for a Saturday!

The first pitch throws a bit of a “hey how are ya?” right off the bat, as you have to step across a bit of a gap followed by a traverse.  Good way to get the legs under us!  Thanks to Aaron Beardmore, the route now has fixed anchors, which makes it a great deal faster and also gives you an escape route if the weather decides to come in.  A few more fun pitches takes you to a bit of a rambly section and some easier rock climbing.

The final headwall offers an endless selection of options.  We opted for the one described on the web and outlined in Kevin’s book…which also happens to have another bolted station conveniently located about 20 meters up!  I had never went up that way before and it offered good rock and protection on some steeper rock.  I left the gear in for this one for Les, and he did a stylin job leading it!

The final pitch definitely had some loose rock to top out on, but once again some nice bolts for an anchor.  We enjoyed the fine rock lounge chairs on the summit with views of Mt Temple and Quadra…a stupendous place to be!!

A great day out in the mountains.  Nice to be above the chaos of the moraine lake parking lot…but when we did get back there we were greeted by a mother grizzly and her 2 cubs…surrounded by hounds of tourists only meters from the parking lot.  I called Parks as we left…hopefully these guys find their way back into the mountains before someone does something stupid!

Thanks Char, Les, Allan and Ev for a great day out!  Always impressed with what you fit into a weekend and a summer!


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