Mt Louis w Sara

Mt Louis, Gmoser Route 5.8

Sara and I had a great day on the Gmoser route on Louis last Sunday. Despite our early start of 5:45 leaving the car, we were not the only ones on the route by the time we got there. no big surprise, since it was a Sunday and the forecast was so good!

I hadn’t climbed Louis in about 3 years, so I was excited to get back on it and have a fun climb with Sara. Thankfully there are bolted anchors now and it makes the route so much safer and faster.

Sara on crux Gmoser route 5.8 Mt Louis

The crux was engaging as usual, with cool stemming in a steep corner, and before we knew it we had caught up to the other party. Thankfully, because there is plenty of rockfall potential, so the closer we could be the better. Finding the right path to the Perren route from the Gmoser is the hardest part. I remembered getting lost there in the past and climbing too high, so this time we ducked out to the left a bit earlier and found a better way.

perren crack Mt Louis

The Sara(h) squared team were at the top by 3:30, and enjoyed our hard earned views by the big metal cross. I always wonder who lugged that thing up there? A cross I remember buzzing extremely loudly on a past ascent I had made with Karen McNeil during an electrical storm! This summit is not the place you want to be in times like those! Sadly there was no pencil in the registry, but it looked like Louis had seen quite a few ascents in this good weather stretch!

Summit Mt Louis

As we headed down, we dreamed of the second litre or water we each had back at the base, and drank happily to having another safe day in the mountains.

Nice work Sara, always fun getting out with you!

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