Quaker Oats Commercial and Professors w Maria

Got a call the other day from Will Gadd asking if I would want to work the next day. I was supposed to go climbing with Margo, but luckily she let me take the work as it ended up being 3 days of pretty fun and amusing rigging work for a Quaker Oats commercial. The first day Will, Keith and I got to hang around on ropes, bolting some lines to rig for the shoot. A little avalanche poodling, some schlepping and fast rides on snowmobiles made for a fun day in the mountains.

The next day was the actual shooting day. Eric Weihenmayer was the lead role along with his two friends and guides. It was truly a pleasure to meet Erik, he is a super friendly and inspiring guy!

I’m still not entirely sure what the “plot” is, if there is one, to this commercial, but if you can come up with a story line for this picture then you know more then me!

The final day Gery and I romped up and cleaned the lines, the anchors and all the bolts. Great news..Fortress will be reopening next year and this January they will be running some catskiing! Cool!

Maria and I had signed up for a day of ice climbing a while back and the day had come. She hadn’t had a chance to get out ice climbing yet this season, but I knew that she would still be ready for a good adventure.

We decided to do Professors and like I thought, despite the early season conditions, she totally crushed it! We cruised along pretty quickly and enjoyed a fun last pitch ahead of a few parties that came up behind us. Always one of my favorite routes in the rockies, and a great day out with Maria!

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