Shoulder Season

Well, it is officially shoulder season here in the Canadian Rockies. Ski Swaps are in high gear, the mountains are streaked with yellow light from aspens and larches, and climbing rock requires a great deal of Canadian grit and hard coreness….aka screaming barfies, fire pits and bit of a deranged idea of fun. Shoulder season also means the changing of Websites, and I am honored to be the first page of Outdoor Research’s winter website this year thanks to a great photo taken by Ryan Creary.

Shoulder season usually means “going somewhere”…which is JUST what I intend to do. For years and years I have heard of the Red River Gorge. Tried to climb there a long time ago but was rained out and demotivated from an already long trip. This year however, I am flying, renting a car, going with killer friends and motivated climbing partners and staying in a cush cabin with a hot tub. Don’t get me wrong…i can dirt bag with the best of them, but after a long and busy summer I am STOKED to have a real climbing vacation!

So am I ready? Not likely. I just returned from a great visit to Ontario where I went on a canoe trip with my Dad, Sister and Niece. A belated 75th bday gift for my remarkably fit and young at heart Dad. It was a bit of a cold, windy and wet experience, but lets face it…nothing says family bonding then a bit of dealing with the elements!

Prior to the trip though, I had a fabulous summer. Thanks to all the amazing guests who trusted me with their goals and ambitions and allowed me to share a day or a few days in the mountains with them. What a great summer. I also managed to get in a tiny bit of personal climbing and battled my way to a Redpoint on Shooting Star, which was a highlight for me. Sadly redpointing ONE route, does not a strong climber make…so I realize that I will need to get after it a bit more to meet my goals at the Red.

shooting star planet XHard to see, but I’m somewhere at the top of it:) Photo thanks to Greg at Crossfit Canmore.

With the shoulder season, it is also time to start thinking about Ice climbing! Here is a link to my newsletter for this years Women’s ice camps.

I always really look forward to these camps! Heck, I’m even starting to look forward to winter! Okay, okay…not quite yet…but soon. Till then, hope all you Canadians had a good turkey stuffing this weekend and hope everyone embraces all the perks of their shoulder season…whether it be crossfit, drytooling at the playground, canoeing out east, watching movies or whatever else it is that keeps you psyched during the transition!




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