A winter reflection in photos

It’s snowing out. It’s May. I want to be rock climbing, but instead am inside, cleaning out closets, catching up on emails and reflecting on winter. Thanks to some amazing photographers that sent me some of their images, I thought I would celebrate our never ending winter with a little winter review in photos! Thanks to Forest Woodward Photography, Christian Pondella and Rafal Andronowski.


Stephanie Maureau sending Inglorious Bastards M12 Bozeman_e1a2632

Hiking in to Haffner Cave- Forest Woodward- love the dead tree and fresh snow contrast_e1a3098

Fun climbing in Haffner


Graham Zimmerman on Caveman- Forest Woodward_e1a3693

Caveman. Psyched to send Piltdown Man M12 here this year. no pics though:( _e1a4128

A face EVERYONE loves. Melan…the best coach around- Forest Woodward Phtography


Fun times with Graham Zimmerman and Outdoor Research- Forest Woodward Photography_e1a4456

Countless days in the Cave. Best training place around. Forest Woodward Photography_e1a6098

Hiking in to Whitemans- Forest Woodward Photography_e1a6861

Whitemans- Forest Woodward Photography_e1a7237

Hike out of Whitemans…short winter days- Forest Woodward Photography

Will Gadd

Christian Pondella shot- myself on 2nd pitch M12+ on Overhead Hazard- psyched to send it!Will Gadd

we had some very cold days….Katie keeping the psyche even when belaying! Christian PondellaWill Gadd

Pretending to be Will Gadd. Myself on 3rd pitch of Overhead Hazard- 5 layers on legs alone! Will Gadd

Christian Pondella phtot- 2nd Pitch Helmcken- the OR Havoc vest- wore it everyday!!


Katie and John enjoying all that Helmcken has to offer!


Always started our day off with a smile at the Lodge


John after a long day of boltingimg_2669

The route!img_2705

Lots of cold days this winter. Count the layers!img_2716

Smiling faces from the Women’s campimg_2744

More Smiling faces despite frigid temps!inglorious_bastards_m12_hyalite

Myself on Inglorious Bastards M12 Hyalite Canyon- Bozeman fun days with Stephanie p1040140

Bolting up at the Temple of Silence. new crag that was a great training ground. p1040151

Early season attempt on the the beautiful Howse Peak. Too warm unfortunately:(p1040163

Great fall days in the sun at the Templep1040251

Its gonna be a great crag when we are done!


Guiding Dave Jones!! How cool is that??


The worlds snowiest ascent of Moonlight with Tadd Perkinsp1040503

Great day with the Perkins family. Can’t wait to see them again this summer!p1040507

Cold days at Haffner with the hearty Women’s camp crewp1040575

Janine on Whitemansp1040648

Jen Ormsbee climbing with Merrie-Beth Board on My Daddy’s a Psychop1040705

Maria on Lessons of Okap1040779

My Dad lookin ready for his first day on ice!p1040783

Ok, enough talking…let me climb…and climb he did!!p1040833

Will high up on 2nd pitch at Helmckenp1040849

Takin it to the ice!p1040873

Will at the top of Helmcken falls ready to drop in…All this snow is created from the spray!p1040892

Me playing on the Spray ice the last dayp1050001

Lots of smiles with Michael, Matthew and Daniel- Matthew led all of Louise Falls!p1050023

Sonja stretching it out at Haffnerp1050033

Gabby testing her leading strength in steep ice in Haffnerp1050044

Tough girls in -30 temps on Pretty nuts. Are they smiling or are their mouths frozen in that position?p1050057

Nope, those are smiles! Ahhhh, the sun!p1050065

Amazing crew in Field with Kris keeping us on our toes! Outdoor Research goods!!p1050066

Jen Ormsbee on her bday on Essondale right. VERY cold!!p1050136

Dream On- Ken enjoying the sunp1050173

Ken and Tim psyched after crushing Rainbow Serpent


Graham Zimmerman on Fearful Symmetry- Forest Woodward p1050194

Tim on the final stretch of Candelstick Maker


Lots of smiles with the Red Deer crew! securedownload

Cool shot from Rafal A of Ken, Tim and I on My Daddy’s a Psychosteel_koan_m13-_cineplex_icefields_parkway

Cineplex, Steel Koan M13+. Nice way to end the winter. Rafal Andronowski.


And had to add this one in from Spain. Zoe’s little Mika…a smile that is contagious!

Thanks for a great winter everyone! Ok…now let the summer begin!

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